Multi media artist Vanessa Cress Lokos' has studied, exhibited and sold her art in Canada and Australia. Vanessa is a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association, Arts and Culture Council of Burlington, Hamilton Artist Inc. and the Canadian Glaze Oil Society.

Her work has been selected and sold at AGB Art Auctions and BFAA Guild Exhibitions. Increasingly the artist has worked on collaborative projects, one of which was awarded an Honourable Mention. Recently Vanessa was the recipient of The People’s Choice Award in the curated AGB exhibition, Self by Self. She was honoured with The Gery Puley BFAA Founders Award for sustained contribution to the creative life and growth of the BFAA, AGB and the community.

Vanessa holds a BA Concentration Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa. A resident of Burlington she has been exhibiting regularly since 2009.

Through glaze oil painting, the lost art of the old masters, the artist explores a superior quality of light and depth which she finds rewarding. She is continually captivated by the luminous colour possibilities from a palette of eight. Through this forgotten art and in her mixed media work, playfulness and irony are often explored as well as the relationship between still life and landscape.
Selected Exhibitions